Recital Costume Tips

It’s very important to take proper care of your recital costumes prior to the shows.  It is important that all dancers maintain their costumes in a proper condition during dress rehearsal.  Here are a few tips on how to keep your costume performance ready!

  • Please carry your costume in a plastic bag to the school. DO NOT change into your costume until you have arrived at the school.
  • Absolutely NO EATING in costume!  Costumes can be easily stained and difficult to remove
  • Please bring warm-ups” or “cover-ups” that can easily be work over your costume that will not mess up your hair upon removal (ex. oversized button up shirt, zip up hoodie or sweatshirt).
  • Before leaving your house, make sure you have your entire costume, shoes, tights and all necessary accessories.
  • If you have many dances in one show, it is helpful to have a laundry basket for costume “extras”.  This basket can be used to store all of the different pieces of your costume and is helpful to store costumes backstage.
  • Quick changes will be made with the stage crew’s assistance in the backstage area. Prior to the start of the show, your child must bring a laundry basket (with his or her name on it) containing the second costume they will be wearing and all of the needed shoes & accessories.
  • Performers should not wear underwear with their costume. They may wear a nude color body suit which will help when having a quick change.
  • If you have multiple headpieces, place each one in a separate zip-lock bag with the appropriate number of bobby pins to secure it to your hair.
  • Due to highly polished floors & for dancers’ safety, all Tap/Irish students must wear socks with tread over their Tap/Irish shoes in all areas of the school during dress rehearsals & the shows.