Chester Valley Dance Academy offers classes in the following styles of dance. All students are placed according to ability, age and training. Promotion is considered on individual achievements. These descriptions are to be used as a guide for the placement of students in classes. Exceptions and changes may be made as the director or instructors deem appropriate.

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Class Schedule

Pre-Dance Combo Classes

2017 – 2018 Combo Class Schedule

Pre-School Classes are designed to introduce students to the art of dance. These classes enhance a student’s creative ability, attention span, physical mobility and musical comprehension. Students also learn classroom etiquette, cooperation skills, and memorization. The class length is forty-five minutes long with an emphasis on ballet and an incorporation of tap.

Combo Jazz

Students who are taking the Combo III have the opportunity to take this additional 45-minute class.  The class is designed to introduce your child to the fundamentals of jazz. Combo Jazz students must be taking Combo III to participate in this class. These children have the opportunity to take this additional 45-minute class to introduce them to the fundamentals of jazz.

Mommy & Me

An interactive dance class for children 24 to 36 months and their guardian.  This class will incorporate props and unique musical games to develop your child’s creativity.  It is an introduction to the art of dance in a loving and nurturing environment.


All Combo I and Combo II classes perform in their own show separate from our annual Recital.  At this event, students perform for family and friends, as well as see a performance by the advanced dancers.


As the foundation of all dance, ballet is fundamental to the education of any dancer. Using exercises at the barre as well as center combinations that are both adagio and allegro, students learn the classical art of ballet under various Russian methods. While learning technique, students build proper posture, carriage, and, perhaps most importantly, self-confidence. Classes are offered for all ages and a student’s level is determined by the teacher based on a student’s individual ability. Ballet classes also improve a student’s ability and performance in all other forms of dance.

Pointe Classes

Pointe Policy

The time a ballet student advances to Pointe is determined by the Instructor and the Director and is based on a student’s individual strength and ability. Students must take a minimum of two ballet classes to be considered for Pointe.


Modern dance explores movement, space, rhythm and a dancer’s creativity. Students start out learning basic technique and improvisation. As they continue, students receive more intense instruction in Graham, Limon and Horton. Some modern classes focus heavily on Lyrical dancing. Lyrical dance is essentially a dance of emotion. It combines the grace of ballet with the fluidity of modern and the classic stylization of Jazz to create a form of dance that allows students to express emotion through movement of the body.


Gene Kelly, Bob Fosse, Paula Abdul. All of these names are synonymous with the world of Jazz, a form of dance that is evident on Broadway, television and the movies. Each class consists of stretches, warm-ups, isolations, center work, turns and jumps. In all exercises, students develop muscle strength, flexibility, and discipline. In addition to learning technique, students also learn dance combinations to the most popular music. Classes are either 45 minutes or an hour, depending on the student’s level.

Hip Hop

As the signature form of dance of MTV, Hip Hop is based on street dancing and jazz and gives students an aerobic workout that is both fun and invigorating. Students learn rhythm, coordination, isolations and a variety of routines to the most popular Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Techno and R&B songs.


The Academy offers two types of tap: Broadway and rhythm. Students start with Broadway tap to learn technique, speed, clarity of sounds, tempo, combinations and the basic moves of tap such as standard time steps, clogs, shuffles, flaps, etc. Once students advance, they may take rhythm tap. Rhythm tap utilizes more intricate movements to create a polyrhythm of sounds. (For example, rhythm tap is “Bring in da Noise, Bring in da Funk”; Broadway tap is “Singin’ in the Rain.)


Sometimes referred to as “Irish Dance”, is a type of recreational and competitive folk dance that has been recently popularized by the world-famous “Riverdance” and “Lord of the Dance”. As the name suggests, the dance form has its roots in Ireland. When performed as a solo dance, it is generally characterized by a stiff upper body and the quick and precise movements of the feet. As a dance form, Irish dance has very precise rules about what one may and may not do when, but within these rules there is almost infinite room for variety and innovation. Thus, Irish step Dance is a vibrant and constantly evolving art form.


Fitness Classes

New adult classes are coming to CVDA in September for the 2016 – 2017 class year! No membership or registration fee!  10-class punch cards available, only $8 a class.  Feel free to mix and match your classes weekly or bi-weekly to create your own workout routine.



Join the Zumba Fitness party! Ditch your regular workout for a Latin American cardio funk class! Register your child for the new Combo I Class and while she is dancing, you can enjoy the Wednesday Zumba Class FREE for the month of February from 11:45 – 12:30 pm.  Zumba is also offered on Saturdays starting February 4th from 11:45 – 12:30.



Ballet Burn

Wednesdays 9:45 – 10:45 am

Ballet Burn is an upbeat class that is based on ballet movements specially formatted to strengthen arms, legs, abs, and glutes.   Inspirational music will make you want to move and groove!  No prior dance experience necessary!

Bollywood for Adults

Thursdays 10:00 – 11:00 am

This high intensity class combines traditional Bollywood movement with cardio routines for a total body workout.  If you liked Zumba, then you’ll love our Bollywood fitness class! Instructor Jennifer Mathew is a trained dancer and choreographer who has studied extensively in a range of dance styles with many of Dubai’s most respected teachers at the Shruthi Music and Dance Institute of Dubai.

Mindful Movement


Make your mind and body one by toning and strengthening your muscles in this class.