Dancers in our Company have the opportunity to dance in numerous festivals and conventions and travel around the country to experience different styles of dance.  Locally, this performance group has participated in the West Chester Winter Dance Festival, Chester County Dance Festival, and Youth Regional Dance Festival, Falling Leaves Festival, and more.  These dancers have traveled to conventions such as The Pulse and Jump and have represented the State of Pennsylvania at the international dance festival, Dance Excellence in Los Angeles California.  Our dancers have won multiple first-place awards at competitions such as Jump, Dance Expressions, and Cue the Music.  Many of our Company Dancers have been accepted into summer programs at Kaatsbaan International Ballet, the Royal Ballet, The Rock School, Joffrey Ballet School, and the American Ballet Theater.

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  • Disney Day at CVDA! Friends of the Hundred Acre Woodhellip
  • Disney Day at CVDA! CVDADancers cvdacompany mickeymouse minniemouse mickeyears disneyday
  • Disney Day at CVDA! CVDADancers cvdacompany mickeymouse minniemouse
  • Disney Day at CVDA! CVDADancers cvdacompany mickeymouse minniemouse disneyday
  • Its Crazy Sock Day in our Company Classes! CVDADancers cvdacompanyhellip
  • Were so excited for the Falling Leaf Fest on Octoberhellip
  • Looking forward to that actual fall weather like cvdadancers cvdacompanyhellip
  • Were back for the 20172018 year! CVDADancers cvdacompany dancefam
  • Disney Day at CVDA! Lolo  Stitch CVDADancers cvdacompany liloandstitchhellip
  • We loved Spirit Day Saturday yesterday in our company classeshellip
  • Disney Day at CVDA! Its FROZEN! CVDADancers cvdacompany disney frozenhellip
  • We had such an Incredible disneyday at CVDA! cvdadancers lovehellip
  • cvdacompany danced Lyrical and Hip Hop at the Falling Leafhellip
  • First Day of Dance smiles all around CVDADancers cvdacompany dancefam
  • Yesterday was Twin Day in our company classes twinning CVDADancershellip
  • Disney Day at CVDA! All of our Princesses CVDADancers cvdacompanyhellip
  • Disney Day at CVDA! Tink Peter Pan CVDADancers cvdacompany tinkerbellhellip

Company Schedule


Each year our Company dancers have the opportunity to participate in numerous national dance competitions and festivals.