Click here to view the new 2017-2018 Class Schedule (Revised 9/20) for the upcoming year. Please note there have been many changes to our levels and classes. For Combo students, please see an alternate schedule, 2017 – 2018 Combo Class Schedule.

    Level Information     Pointe Policy

The numbers on the schedule denote which show each class will perform in for the 2014 recital. When taking more than one class or choosing a class for a sibling, please keep this in mind. If you have any questions about classes please contact the studio at 610-594-2771

1= Show 1
3= Show 3
2= Show 2
4= Show 4
All= All 4 Shows

The following initials on the schedule denote which teacher is scheduled for that class:

AF – Ann Fonash DS – Debbie Sachar
AJ – Andreas Johnson JM – Jennifer Mathews
AM – Annie McGillian KM – Kim Martin
AMC – Alexa Meissner Chambers  PB – Patricia Brown
CK – Corinne Karon PD – Pam Devenney
CM – Cathy Moran RC – Rachel Carroll
CS – Christine Swarm-Kusnierczyk TU – Tanina Urbanski
 DB – Danielle Barimani

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