Recital DVD Advertisements & Shoutouts

Dear Parents & Patrons,

Chester Valley Dance Academy will be presenting their annual dance recital on June 18th, 19th, and 20th at the Theater in the Park, 2214 Kimberton Road, Phoenixville, PA. We are excited to be able to showcase our students this year as they have been dedicated to dancing through all obstacles.

The June recital is a goal that the students work towards to demonstrate all they have accomplished throughout the year. As in the the past, we will be doing a program to congratulate the students.

Our program will be online and displayed at the beginning of each performance DVD. Everyone will have an opportunity to see the advertisements and congratulations each time the DVD is viewed.

Below is the information for submitting an advertisement or congratulatory message, if you are interested in supporting the students and the recital.

Thank you for your continued support to Chester Valley Dance Academy!