2021 Recital Picture Day

This year, dancers will have the opportunity to get their recital photos done during the dress rehearsal week at the studio from June 5 - June 11. Envelopes and shipping labels will be handed out in class prior to the photo week.  Each dance will need a separate envelope and label.  Please make payments to Accent Photography and put a separate check in each envelope.

Picture Day Details

Dancers will be photographed individually or in same-household units only. COVID-19 protocols will be followed. Wearing face masks will be required except while being photographed. The photographer will be masked at all times. Note that packages and options have been modified to remove class photos.

Pictures are being taken on a pre-paid program. Students purchasing pictures may choose one or more of the packages described below. All prices include shipping and sales tax as photographs will be mailed to your home.  Please bring the correct amount of money (cash or check) in the envelope provided and give it to the photographer on picture day. Please fill in the envelope completely making sure to include package desired and your name and address. Also, print name and address clearly on shipping label provided. Please use one envelope for each package/costume ordered. If needed, extra envelopes will be provided.

For proper credit each student ordering photos must pay separately. There will be no picture make up day, therefore you must pay for your pictures on picture day. There will be a service charge of $25.00 for returned checks. All photographs are unconditionally guaranteed. For a full refund mail your complete package within three days to Accent Photography, PO Box 555, Lansdale, PA 19446. Phone: 215-920-6336 PICTURES WILL BE MAILED TO THE ADDRESS THAT YOU PROVIDE ON THE SHIPPING LABEL in six to eight weeks