Recital Dress Rehearsal Information

This year our dress rehearsals will be held at CVDA.  Starting on Friday, June 4th all students should wear their costumes to the studio for their regular class.  This will give us 2 weeks to make sure everyone has a costume and see if we need to make any changes.  

  1. Friday, June 4th - Thursday, June 10th, we would like all students to attend their regular classes live. 
  2. Masks will be required at all times for dancers and guests.  Dancers should wear a white mask.  
  3. We will rehearse outside for those classes that are too large to fit in the studio.
  4. You should wear your costume to the studio and bring any other costumes you will need. 
  5. Wear a nude body suit or black spaghetti body suit under your costumes, so you can change outside if needed.
  6. If you are borrowing a costume from CVDA, it will be hanging on a rack according to the day of the week your child takes class. 
  7. When rehearsal is over, hang the costume back up on the rack.  Do not take it home!  I will transport them to the shows.  
  8. Rain Dates for Dress Rehearsals are Friday, June 11th - Thursday June 17th.  If it doesn’t rain on the day of the week of your dress rehearsal and you have your dress rehearsal, then classes on Friday, June 11th - Thur, June 17th will be held as a regularly scheduled class with no costumes.  

Schedule for Dress Rehearsal and Pictures  On the day of dress rehearsal your child will also be able to have her individual picture taken if you so choose. No group shots will be taken this year! Since we are offering this service, we will need to have one studio free for the photographer and therefore I needed to change your normal class times for this week only. 

The Photographers informational flyer and envelope will be given out in class during the month of May.   Please send your envelope along with payment on the day of dress rehearsal, if your child will be having his/her picture taken. 

Recital Show Reminders

Show Days

  1. Arrive at your assigned parking lot at the start time of your assigned show.  Do not come any earlier than five minutes before your show time due to the space limitations.  Staff members will be there to guide you.
  2. Masks will be required at all times for dancers and guests.  Dancers should wear a white mask. 
  3. All students should wear a nude or black spaghetti strap body suit under their costumes.
  4. All students arrive in costume with their hair and makeup done.
  5. Make sure to bring all other costumes.
  6. If you are borrowing a costume from CVDA it will be hanging on the rack according to the day of the week your child takes class.
  7. Do not take the costume home; please hang it back on the rack after you perform. 
  8. Make sure to sign in upon arrival.
  9. Due to social distancing, no parents will be permitted in the dressing area this year.  The teachers will be in charge of your children.  
  10. After the students are finished dancing, they will hang the costumes they have borrowed back on the rack and then be taken by a staff member to sit with their family in the audience.

Rain Date for Show Days

The rain dates for the performances are Monday and Tuesday, June 21st and 22nd after 4:00 pm.  Please keep these dates available in case our shows are rained out.  I am looking at this as a rain or shine event, but if it is a prohibited time and the park closes us down, we will use the rain dates mentioned.