Recital 2021 Costume & Accessory List

Please review the Costume & Accessory List for this year's recital and note the following:

White Masks are Required for All Dancers

All students will be required to wear a face mask and will need to provide their own white mask for the performances. This decision was made to make it easy for all student to se a medical face mask and turn it inside out so the white side is showing, rather than purchasing special masks for each of your costumes.


All tights purchased for recital should be BLOCH brand, either tan or pink. Please note we are no longer using Bloch Salmon tights due to a change in the dye lot. C

Class Costume Naming Schema

The “Titles” are not the song being used for the class. The titles indicate the name of the costume from the various costume companies. Please see each class’ costume below.