Recital Costumes 2019

Costumes will be released to students participating in the June recitals at Phoenixville Middle School during as long as Tuition for Session Six and any past due accounts have been paid.

As Recital approaches, it is important to take proper care of your costumes prior to the shows.  It is important that all dancers maintain their costumes in proper condition during dress rehearsal.  Here are a few tips on how to keep your costume performance ready:

  • Please carry your costume in a plastic bag to the school. DO NOT change into your costume until you have arrived at the school.
  • Absolutely No Eating in costume!  Costumes can be easily stained and difficult to remove
  • Please bring warm-ups” or “cover-ups” that can easily be work over your costume that will not mess up your hair upon removal (ex. oversized button up shirt, zip up hoodie or sweatshirt).
  • Before leaving your house, make sure you have your entire costume, shoes, tights and all necessary accessories. A laundry basket is a great way to hold all of your belongings!
  • If you have many dances in one show, it is helpful to have a laundry basket for costume “extras”.  This basket can be used to store all of the different pieces of your costume and is helpful to store costumes backstage.
  • Quick changes will be made with the stage crew’s assistance in the backstage area. Prior to the start of the show, your child must bring a laundry basket (with his or her name on it) containing the second costume they will be wearing and all of the needed shoes & accessories.
  • Performers should not wear underwear with their costume. They may wear a nude color body suit which will help when having a quick change. Students are also encouraged to wear a nude color body suit in order to change in the dressing rooms and refrain from using bathrooms to change in. 
  • If you have multiple headpieces, place each one in a separate zip-lock bag with the appropriate number of bobby pins to secure it to your hair.
  • Due to highly polished floors & for dancers’ safety, all Tap/Irish students must wear socks with tread over their Tap/Irish shoes in all areas of the school during dress rehearsals & the shows.

Costume & Accessory List

2019 Costume & Accessory List

Please check the costume and accessory requirements for your class(es).  Note that the name of the costume is listed in quotation marks, not the name of the dance or music. Additionally, all tights purchased for the Recital must be BLOCH brand. Please note we are NO LONGER using Bloch Salmon tights due to a change in the dye lot. All tights mus te Bloch Tan or Pink.