2023-24 Fall Registration

Our Class Placement Philosophy

At Chester Valley Dance Academy, we place a strong emphasis on providing unparalleled individualized attention to each and every one of our students, starting from the very first moment a parent contacts us. Our commitment to excellence begins with a personal consultation with each family, allowing us to carefully assess and determine the most suitable class for your child's unique growth and development, enabling them to reach their maximum potential and truly shine.

In our dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, we've thoughtfully named our classes after flowers, ensuring precise age and ability alignment, while circumventing any potential stigmatization associated with traditional level systems. This approach guarantees that every child not only finds their rightful place but also feels empowered and gratified with their class placement. Join our esteemed studio and witness the blossoming of talent, growth, and fulfillment in every young dancer!

Fall Registration

When signing up for a class you will be allowed to enroll as long as the class capacity has not been reached.  If you see you have been put on a Wait List, this means the class capacity has been reached.  If the class is full and you are placed on the Wait list, you may wish to consider choosing another class, since we will not always be able to fit "one more person" into a class that is closed. 

If you need assistance with registration or have questions regarding class placement, please email us or call the office at 610-594-2771.

New Students + Families

If you are registering for classes at Chester Valley Dance Academy for the first time, please use the button above to create your Parent Portal prior to enrolling in your classes. New students should call the office at 610-594-2771 to be placed in the correct class(es) based on their age and ability.

Current Families

All returning families should login to their existing portal to enroll in the recommended classes listed below.  Class sizes will be limited so we encourage everyone to enroll as soon as possible.  

2023-24 Classes