The Chester Valley Dance Academy is a family run business, established in 1988, to provide quality dance education in a sensitive and friendly atmosphere. We are dedicated to promoting the art of dance, the positive benefits of physical fitness, nurturing talent, self-esteem, academic responsibilities, and proper social values.

Immerse yourself in a week of intense dance training with CVDA

Three Cohorts, 1 Week of Dance

Due to studio capacity, we divide our students based on age and ability into three Intensive groups to make the most of their training. This allows the students to receive direct feedback from our guest instructors; Grades 3-6, Grades 7-9, and Grades 9-12.

Expert Faculty

Dancers will grow artistically during the CVDA Intensive with the help of our expert faculty. Our Guest Artists introduce our students to new techniques and enhance their repertoire. Studio Instructors provide close attention to dancers in each class and build an environment full of excitement and passion for dance.


Learn the technique, make life long friends, and have fun with us in any of our dance programs.

Pre-School Classes

Introduce your Little One to the art of dance

Pre-School Classes are designed to introduce students to the art of dance. These classes enhance a student's creative ability, attention span, physical mobility and musical comprehension. Students also learn classroom etiquette, cooperation skills, and memorization. The class length is forty-five minutes long with an emphasis on ballet and an incorporation of tap.

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Teen Dance

Fun for all

Our "Plum" level classes are for teenagers interested in trying Dance this year. No experience is necessary to participate in one of our teen classes.  Teens are invited to take ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop, our most popular teen class at CVDA. Register with a friend this fall to enjoy a great class each week that will get teens up and moving!

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The Company

The Advanced Performing Group

Dancers in our Company have the opportunity to dance in numerous festivals and conventions and travel around the country to experience different styles of dance. These students have multiple performance and master class opportunities throughout the year to broaden their dance experience. Our specialty Company Classes stress performance skills and advanced dance techniques within weekly classes

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The Faculty and Staff at CVDA are passionate about preparing students for performances throughout the year by implementing backstage etiquette into classroom etiquette. Faculty at CVDA take extra care not just to train students in proper technique, but also performance skills to prepare them for the stage.


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