The 2024 Company Show

The Chester Valley Dance Academy Company Show is a showcase for the studio’s most dedicated dancers to demonstrate their skills across various dance genres. From classical ballet to contemporary, jazz to hip-hop and tap, the performance was a testament to the dancers' versatility and the high level of training they received at the academy. Each routine was meticulously choreographed, allowing the dancers to showcase their technical proficiency and emotional expressiveness. 

To prepare our Company students for a career in dance, they are tasked with the exciting challenge of learning multiple dances throughout the year. This entails not only learning the choreography but also honing their performance skills to a high standard, ensuring they can confidently deliver captivating routines at various venues. The Company Show provides our dancers with an opportunity to perform their routines one last time for family and friends. 

This year was a particularly busy year for our Company groups as they performed in the following festivals, performances, and competitions:

We thank our impressive faculty for showcasing our student's strengths and passion for dance through their choreography and providing expert instruction week after week in technique classes.

Students interested in joining the Company and bringing their dance training to the next level are encouraged to complete this form.

Performance Highlights

Photography by Amit Keshet. Please tag @amitkphoto_ when posting to social media.

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