CVDA Company Performs at CommUNITY Dance Fest 2023

The Chester Valley Dance Academy Company delivered a remarkable performance at the CommUNITY Dance Fest, hosted by Beat Addikts, on Sunday, October 22nd, at the Collegium Charter School in Exton, PA. Building on their inaugural appearance in 2021, our dancers eagerly returned to the stage, thrilled to captivate the unique audience once again.

Distinguished from many other performances, conventions, and festivals where dancers often remain backstage, this exceptional event offered a vibrant and engaging setting by having all performing dancers present in the audience. This arrangement created an atmosphere of enthusiasm and support that was truly unparalleled. Our dancers relished the opportunity to root for one another and show their support for all the local performing groups in attendance.

We want to give a big thank you to Mr. Todd Munoz and the Beat Addikts team for arranging this energizing event. Year after year, our dancers return to the studio after this showcase energized for the dance year ahead.

Company Performances

  1. "“Rome” choreographed Allyssa Millar
  2. “Sweet Dreams” choreographed by Corinne Karon
  3. Orchestral Strings choreographed by Kim Martin
  4. “This Will Be” choreographed by Mackenzie Reid
  5. “Constellations” choreographed by Annie McGillian
  6. “Diva” choreographed by Mike Nguyen
  7. GaGa choreographed by Christine Swarm-Kusnierczyk

We want to thank all of our choreographers for setting such wonderful works on our students and preparing them for this festival.

Performance Highlights

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