2021 Nutcracker Cast

Congratulations to the cast of this year's Nutcracker!

We have made some changes this year.  You will note that we are holding four shows this year in order to give more of our dancers an opportunity to be highlighted/showcased and accommodate the number of audience members allowed due to COVID restrictions.  We have also attempted to condense most of our dancer's roles into two performances in order to allow family and friends to see them in all of their roles.  Our older students may be cast in 3 or 4 shows.

We take into consideration a multitude of factors when casting the children.  Therefore, all placements are final and there will be no changes to the show days/times for which your child has been assigned.  This is a huge undertaking but definitely a labor of love.  It requires commitment and hard work on everyone's part.

Please remember to check the website regularly to see if any updates or changes have been made to your rehearsal schedule.  We try our very best to post the rehearsal schedule a few weeks in advance, but as the show comes together certain parts of it may need a little more attention.

Show A Show B Show C Show D
Sat. Dec. 18 at 2:30 pm Sat. Dec. 18 at 6:30 pm Sun. Dec. 19 at 1:00 pm Sun. Dec. 19 at 5:00 pm
Mrs Charlotte Farrelly Maizy Pavis Julia Young Lauren Cook
Clara Shea Lawton Chloe Carroll Monica Young Ava Cibelli
Fritz Ethan Zieff Alex Govorov Ethan Zieff Alex Govorov
Grandmother Barbara Mange Barbara Mange Barbara Mange Barbara Mange
Drosselmeier Val Goncharov Val Goncharov Val Goncharov Val Goncharov
Maid 1 Gia Violini Lauren Selden Gia Violini Lauren Selden
Maid 2 Elizabeth Nasuti Devyn Sloan Delia Denny Sydney Neumann
Maid 3 Bella Mcpherson Kathleen Halle Bella Mcpherson Kathleen Halle
Party Guest Emma Nasuti Emma Nasuti Christina Janowicz Christina Janowicz
Party Guest Lydia Kronengold Ella Shae Murray Lydia Kronengold Ella Shae Murray
Party Guest Ava Lebresco Ava Lebresco Ava Lebresco Ava Lebresco
Party Guest Lauren Peterson Lauren Peterson Lauren Peterson Lauren Peterson
Party Guest Brendan Moran Brendan Moran Brendan Moran Brendan Moran
Party Guest Colm Dunlap Colum Dunlap Colum Dunlap Colum Dunlap
Party Guest Max Kates Max Kates Max Kates Max Kates
Party Guest David Martin David Martin David Martin David Martin
Party Child Mya Mazzarese Amizhthini Arunachalam Mya Mazzarese Amizhthini Arunachalam
Party Child Amelia Robart Alex Haarstick Amelia Robart Alex Haarstick
Party Child Sophia Moran Madeline Robinson Madeline Robinson Sophia Moran
Party Child Reagan Hickey Mia Cibelli Reagan Hickey Mia Cibelli
Pointe Doll Christina Janowicz Paige Percy Claire Beardsley Emma Nasuti
Soldier Doll Sophia Fontecchio Makenna Kanavy Amelia Dedda Marissa Katen
Mouse King Mia Marchesani Abigail Hall Charlotte Farrelly Charlotte Farrelly
Nutcracker Ella Shae Murray Ethan Zieff Alexi Tantaros Gracie Mcgillian
Mice Anna Simoni Jillian Dyke Anna Simoni Jillian Dyke
Vivienne Thomas Anna Marie Laroche Vivienne Thomas Anna Marie Laroche
Lauren Mattia Gianna Graci Lauren Mattia Gianna Graci
Alexis Rullo Mckenna Dolan Alexis Rullo Mckenna Dolan
Kate Swan Maddy Chilcote Kate Swan Maddy Chilcote
Madeleine Parham Annya Heffner Madeleine Parham Annya Heffner
Sword Mouse Antonia Hnatow Molly Pizzi Antonia Hnatow Molly Pizzi
Pointe Soldiers Emma Martin Abby Fuhrmeister Makenna Kanavy Emma Martin
Justine Dyke Christine Wills Abby Rich Justine Dyke
Devyn Sloan Annabelle Kozsuch Elizabeth Nasuti Devyn Sloan
Isabella Dutton Lily Percy Marissa Katen Isabella Dutton
Soldiers Amelia Palumbo Paige Vanemon Paige Cannon Lucy Farrelly
Kaitlyn Fedyck Lillian Abelle Averie Duprey Jane Farrelly
Isabelle Wagner Shannon Madden Mia Monsilovich Hannah Luo
Chloe Lindmark Rebecca Madden Sydney Neumann Emily Schwartz
Madelyn Garsils Piper May Sophia Moran Delia Denny
Toula Frances-Tatum Tess Dunlap Hadley Starankovic Isabelle Myers
Snow Queen Lauren Cook Lydia Kronengold Lauren Cook Lydia Kronengold
Snow King
Snow Demi Ava Lebresco Lauren Peterson Ava Lebresco Lauren Peterson
Abigail Hall Georgia Hough Abigail Hall Georgia Hough
Snow Rebekah Borneman Claire Beardsley Rebekah Borneman Claire Beardsley
Sophia Fontecchio Alexis Schembri Sophia Fontecchio Alexis Schembri
Maya Enriquez Juliana Lane Maya Enriquez Juliana Lane
Catherine Mastroly Sabrina Roman Danielle Pasqualle Sabrina Roman
Emma Miller Alexi Tantaros Emma Miller Alexi Tantaros
Grace Breslin Amelia Dedda Grace Breslin Amelia Dedda
Paige Percy Mia Marchesani Paige Percy Mia Marchesani
Gracie Mcgillian Camila Greene Gracie Mcgillian Camila Greene
Act II
Angel Princess Alexis Schembri Rebekah Borneman
Camila Greene Grace Breslin
Angels Antonia Hnatow Antonia Hnatow
Marie Govorov Marie Govorov
Caelan Chalfant Reese Rullo
Celia Chalfant Isabella Mazzarese
Gemma Reavell Charlotte Mariani
Charlotte Jaworski Chloe Levin
Nora Elgindy Carley Paynter
Josephine Banes Gwenneth Sidorick
Sugarplum Christina Janowicz Paige Percy Claire Beardsley Emma Nasuti
Spanish Alexi Tantaros Charlotte Farrelly Maizy Pavis Lauren Cook
Arabian Pas Juliana Lane Georgia Hough Julia Young Julia Young
Pointe Chinese Pointe Chinese
Pointe Chinese Annabelle Kozsuch Abigail Rich Annabelle Kozsuch Abigail Rich
Christine Wills Isabella Dutton Christine Wills Isabella Dutton
Justine Dyke Justine Dyke
Emma Martin Emma Martin
Lily Percy Lily Percy
Elizabeth Nasuti Elizabeth Nasuti
Emma Miller Emma Miller
Devyn Sloan Devyn Sloan
Bella Macpherson Bella Macpherson
Gia Violini Gia Violini
Abby Fuhrmeister Abby Fuhrmeister
Chinese Corps Anna Simoni Anna Simoni
Vivienne Thomas Madeleine Parham
Lauren Mattia Alexis Rullo
Jillian Dyke Kate Swan
Candy Cane Lead Ethan Zieff Sabrina Roman Ethan Zieff Sabrina Roman
Candy Cane Demi Mia Monsilovich Jane Farrelly Mia Monsilovich Jane Farrelly
Amelia Palumbo Paige Vanemon Amelia Palumbo Paige Vanemon
Candy Canes Reagan Hickey Hannah Luo Reagan Hickey Hannah Luo
Mya Mazzarese Madeline Robinson Mya Mazzarese Madeline Robinson
Paige Cannon Amizhthini Arunachalam Paige Cannon Amizhthini Arunachalam
Isabelle Wagner Alex Haarstick Isabelle Wagner Alex Haarstick
Mia Cibelli Mia Cibelli Mia Cibelli Mia Cibelli
Chloe Lindmark Lillian Abelle Chloe Lindmark Lillian Abelle
Averie Duprey Emily Schwartz Averie Duprey Emily Schwartz
Amelia Robart Tess Dunlap Amelia Robart Tess Dunlap
Marzipan Lead Lydia Kronengold Ella Shae Murray Maizy Pavis
Marzipan Juliana Lane Juliana Lane Abigail Hall
Catherine Mastroly Paige Percy( Catherine Mastroly
Danielle Pasqualle Georgia Hough Danielle Pasqualle
Maya Enriquez Maya Enriquez Claire Beardsley
Russian Lead Julia Young Gracie Mcgillian Catherine Mastroly/Danielle Pasquale Mia Marchesani
Russian Hadley Starankovic Shannon Madden Hadley Starankovic Shannon Madden
Kaitlyn Fedyck Rebecca Madden Kaitlyn Fedyck Rebecca Madden
Madelyn Garsils Isabel Myers Madelyn Garsils Isabel Myers
Toula Frances-Tatum Piper May Toula Frances-Tatum Piper May
Sydney Neumann Delia Denny Sydney Neumann Delia Denny
Sophia Moran Lucy Farrelly Sophia Moran Lucy Farrelly
Kathleen Halle Kathleen Halle
Lauren Selden Lauren Selden
Bakers Ava Cibelli Chloe Carroll
Shea Lawton Shea Lawton
Monica Young Monica Young
Cookies Anna Marie Laroche Anna Marie Laroche
Gianna Graci Gianna Graci
Maddy Chilcote Maddy Chilcote
Molly Pizzi Molly Pizzi
Annya Heffner Annya Heffner
Mckenna Dolan Mckenna Dolan
Dewdrop Lauren Peterson Ava Lebresco Abigail Hall Ella Shae Murray
Waltz Demi Claire Beardsley Claire Beardsley Lydia Kronengold Lydia Kronengold
Alexi Tantaros Lauren Cook Alexi Tantaros Lauren Cook
Georgia Hough Julia Young Georgia Hough Paige Percy
Maizy Pavis Juliana Lane Juliana Lane Charlotte Farrelly
Waltz Gracie Mcgillian Rebekah Borneman Gracie Mcgillian Rebekah Borneman
Alexis Schembri Camila Greene Alexis Schembri Camila Greene
Mia Marchesani Grace Breslin Mia Marchesani Grace Breslin
Abigail Rich Maya Enriquez Abigail Rich Maya Enriquez
Emma Miller Marissa Katen Emma Miller Marissa Katen
Makenna Kanavy Sophia Fontecchio Makenna Kanavy Sophia Fontecchio
Danielle Pasqualle Emma Martin Sabrina Roman Danielle Pasqualle
Amelia Dedda Catherine Mastroly Amelia Dedda Catherine Mastroly
Grand Pas Emma Nasuti Christina Janowicz Emma Nasuti Christina Janowicz