Recital 2018 Information

Recital season has begun!  Please be sure to review the TENTATIVE Dress Rehearsal Schedulefor each class.   Photos for some classes will be taken at CVDA.  Please view the Picture Day Schedule to determine where your class' pictures will be taken.  Finally, review the Costume & Accessory List to see what additional items you...Read More

Everything you need to know about Dress Rehearsal

The #1 thing to know about Recital Dress Rehearsal is that it is MANDATORY FOR ALL DANCERS! If a dancer is not at dress rehearsal he/she will not be permitted to perform in the show. Sorry, No Exceptions.   Please check the dress rehearsal schedule for the time and day your...Read More

Classroom Moms!

Thank you for volunteering to be a Classroom Mom!  Below is information that will help you with your duties during dress rehearsal and show days. Dress Rehearsal When classroom moms arrive at the dress rehearsal, register yourself and your child at the registration desk near the lobby, and then go...Read More

Recital Costume Tips

It's very important to take proper care of your recital costumes prior to the shows.  It is important that all dancers maintain their costumes in a proper condition during dress rehearsal.  Here are a few tips on how to keep your costume performance ready! Please carry your costume in a...Read More

Stage Makeup How To

Make-up for all performers is a medium base makeup/foundation, rouge, bright red lipstick, brown eye shadow, black/brown mascara & false eyelashes. FOUNDATION MAKEUP: Apply makeup to the face, blending it below chin line so that it does not appear to be a mask. BLUSH: Blush must be full pink, NOT...Read More

Ballet Bun 101

Many of the recital dances require dancers to have their hair in a slicked back ballet bun with no bangs.  But what's the best way to get such a smooth bun?  CVDA has some tips for you! Wet or dampened hair works best.  Spray your hair with a spray bottle...Read More

Backstage Etiquette

The new environment of a stage makes it difficult and confusing for students of all ages to maneuver backstage at Recital. The following are some important stage factors of that need to be considered when transitioning from studio to stage:  Stage lights are very strong and give an illusion of...Read More