Dreams in Motion: The Company Show

The Chester Valley Dance Academy Company Show was an extraordinary event that showcased the studio's advanced dancers and their remarkable growth over the past year. This captivating performance allowed the dancers to reprise beloved routines from throughout the year, infusing them with renewed depth and refinement. Additionally, the show featured the remarkable talents of four graduating company seniors, who each performed breathtaking solo pieces, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Senior Andrea Delucca performed a Hip Hop routine choreographed by Mr.Mike Nguyen, Sierra Saul performed a Medora Variation from Le Corsaire and Ava Lebresco and Lauren Peterson performed a duet choreographed by Kim Martin.

From the dynamic energy of jazz to the graceful beauty of contemporary and the precision of classical ballet, the dancers' artistry and dedication shone brightly on stage. The Company Show served as a celebration of artistic excellence, inspiring both performers and spectators alike, and reaffirming the studio's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a love for dance.

This show celebrates all of the accomplishments of our dancers and faculty through this eventful year.  Our Company groups performed throughout the year at various events in the region including:

  • Dance For Her, a Breast Cancer Awareness benefit showcase in West Chester, PA
  • CommUNITY Dance Fest hosted by Beat Addikts in Delaware
  • ELEVATE Dance Convention in King of Prussia, PA
  • West Chester University Alumni Dance Concert in West Chester, PA
  • Eagleview Landing St Patrick's Day performance
  • Philadelphia Youth Dance Festival in Philadelphia, PA
  • Uniting Colleges Through Tap 15th Anniversary Celebration in Philadelphia, PA
  • DelAWAREness, an Autism Awareness benefit showcase in Delaware
  • ELEVATE Dance Competition in Lancaster, PA

We thank our impressive faculty for showcasing our student's strengths and passion for dance through their impressive choreography and providing expert instruction week after week in technique classes.

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