2019 Nutcracker Casting

Congratulations to our 2019 Nutcracker cast.  As we are completing our final Cast List, we would like to remind you of a few things. First, we want to thank you for your patience as we worked many, many long hours to cast this year’s Nutcracker.  As always we do our very best to build three strong vibrant shows. We also make every effort to factor in each individual dancer and consider what will make them shine on stage in this year’s production.

We have made some changes this year.  You will note that a majority of the roles are triple cast in order to give more of our dancers the opportunity to be highlighted/showcased.  We have also attempted to condense most of our dancer’s roles into two performances in order to allow family and friends to see them in all of their roles.  Our older students may be cast in 3 shows.

We take into consideration a multitude of factors when casting the children.  Therefore, all placements are final and there will be no changes to the show days/times for which your child has been assigned.  This is a huge undertaking but definitely a labor of love. It requires commitment and hard work on everyone’s part.

Please remember to check the website regularly to see if any updates or changes have been made to your rehearsal schedule.  We try our very best to post the rehearsal schedule a few weeks in advance, but as the show comes together certain parts of it may need a little more attention. There will be a few rehearsals starting this week. These rehearsals will be posted tomorrow or Tuesday but the majority of rehearsals will begin on Friday, Sept 13th and Saturday, Sept 14th.

Again congratulations to our dancers.

CVDA Staff