2019 Picture Day at CVDA

Pictures at Recital

Each class will have the opportunity to have their picture taken in costume before the end of year recital.  Students may also have their pictures taken individually.  Most classes will have their pictures taken at Phoenixville Area Middle School on Tuesday, June 11th, Thursday, June 12th, and Wednesday, June 13th after their respective dress rehearsals. Please see the information below:

  • The Classroom mom will chaperone the performers from the stage to the photo room. Parents will be
    permitted to pick up their children outside the photo room after their pictures are taken. NO personal pictures are permitted to be taken in the photo room! Only the classroom mom is permitted into the photo room with the students!
  • Picture information from the photographer will be handed out in dance class prior to dress rehearsal.
  • Purchasing a picture package is optional. However, we would like to include everyone from the class
    in the “group shot”
  • Please have your picture envelope filled out and ready to give to the classroom mom when you arrive at dress rehearsal.
  • Extra “Picture Envelopes” will be available the day of dress rehearsal

Picture Day at CVDA

Saturday, May 18th

ONLY If your class is listed below, their pictures will be taken at Chester Valley Dance Academy on Saturday, May 18th. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your picture time to ensure that you are ready when scheduled. Your dress rehearsal will remain the same, but you will not have your pictures taken at Phoenixville Area Middle School. The times below will be your designated picture time for this year and pictures will be taken at CVDA only.

Picture Time - Class Day/Time Level

12:30 - Opening # & Perf. Grp. Tap
1:00  - Tues. 1:15 Combo 2/2A
1:00 - Tues. 11:30 Combo I
1:00 - Tues. 5:00 Combo II
1:45 - Mon. 4:15 J1
2:00 - Tues. 9:30 Combo I
2:00 - Sat. 9:00 Combo I
Thurs. 5:00 Combo 1A
3:00 - Wed. 3:30 Combo I
3:00 - Thurs. 4:15 Combo I
3:30 - Sat. 10:00 Combo 1A
3:40 - Wed. 5:00 Combo Jazz
3:50 - Wed. 1:30 Combo 1A
4:00 - Sat. 11:45 Combo 3
4:10 - Wed. 4:15 Combo 2A
4:20 - Wed. 4:15 Combo 3
4:30 - Sat. 11:00 Combo 2/2A
4:40 - Tues. 5:15 Beg. Modern