2024 Kids Summer Program: American Girl Doll Summer Fun Week

An all new program for kids and their favorite doll

This program has been replaced with Pop Star Week (Taylor's Version) for Summer 2024.

July 8 - 12

Embark on a sun-kissed journey at American Girl Doll Summer Fun Week! Crafted for children aged 3-10, this extraordinary summer program invites young dancers to bring their cherished American Girl Dolls, or any special doll, for a delightful adventure. From themed crafts and activities to playful games and a real tea party with their dolls, every moment is a wave of maximum enjoyment. Unleash the summer spirit with beach-themed activities, ocean-infused crafts, lively dance sessions encompassing ballet, tap, and jazz, and a special picnic, creating a sun-soaked playground of joy. Join us for a week where the laughter of children, the twirl of dolls, and the spirit of summer blend into a delightful symphony of fun and friendship, crafting unforgettable memories in the warmth of the summer sun.