Meet the Cast: 2023 Opening Number

Chester Valley Dance Academy is excited to present this year's Recital Opening Number, "Grease". This exciting production has been months in the making and promises to transport our audience back to the 1978 hit movie Grease. Featuring choreography by Kenzie Reid and Chester Valley Dance Academy Director Cathy Moran, with Hopelessly Devoted, choreographed by Allyssa Millar, students bring characters from the beloved movie to life through dance.

Our cast of expressive dancers has been working tirelessly to bring the energy and excitement of Grease to the CVDA Stage. Leading the way, we have the incredibly talented Shannon Madden as Sandy Olsson and Max Kates as Danny Zuko. Joining them on stage are the Pink Ladies - Ava Cibelli as Rizzo, Sophia Moran as Frenchy, Jane Farrelly as Jan, and Hadley Starankovic as Marty. The charismatic T-Birds include Rebecca Madden as Kenickie, Paige Cannon as Sonny, Aneesa Hernandez as Rodger "Putzie", and Emma Parker as Doody.

We have a special group of dancers featured throughout the performance, including the delightful Lucy Farrelly as Eugene, Colm Dunlap as Teen Angel, Emily Schwartz as Cha Cha, and Haley Christides as Sleeper. Mrs. Barbara Mange also joins us as Principal McGee, and Brendan Moran as Coach Calhoun

A production of this scale requires an enormous amount of work behind the scenes, and we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Stephanie Farrelly and Kate Nasuti for their tireless work preparing and organizing costumes and props for each scene, as well as Father Francis Sabatini for his invaluable acting assistance. This production would not be possible without the help of our backstage crew, including, Jim Farrelly, Matt Cibelli, Angie Cibelli, Annie McGillian, Pam Devenney, Kim Martin, Elizabeth Nasuti, Sarah Sax, Brendan Moran, Colm Dunlap, Luke Moran, Jon Eadie, Chloe Carroll, Mia Cibelli, Kaitlyn Fedyk, Abby Fuhrmeister, Mia Monsilovich, and Isabel Myers.

We invite you to join us for this exciting and lively production as Grease takes center stage as the first dance in each Recital show. Be sure to secure your tickets in advance and arrive on time to catch all the action!

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