2018 Combo Show

Join us on Sunday, June 3rd at the Yellow Springs Black Box Theater for our annual Combo Show!  This performance is a special end of year showcase for all of our Combo Level Dance Classes.  This small, intimate setting allows these younger dancers to perform for their friends and family without the nerves and stressors of a larger venue.

This showcase includes a class demonstration, a routine performed by your little stars, and a presentation of flowers and certificates for each young dancer.  These little ones are also treated to two performances by our Company Dancers and can watch these girls up close!

Sunday, June 3rd
1:00 pm -  Wed. 3:30 Combo I & Wed. 5:00 Combo II
2:00 pm - Tues. 9:30 Combo I & Sat. 11:30 Combo I
3:00 pm - Tues. 1:15 Combo II/IIA & Sat. 9:00 Combo I