Every year the studio performs the magical story of E.T.A. Hoffman’s The Nutcracker.  Dancers ages 7 and up are invited to perform with us and take part in this feature-length Ballet. Students who wish to participate in the Nutcracker must take ballet during the summer session.

Tentative Dates

The following weekends should be held for the performances or dress rehearsals of the 2021 Nutcracker.  We have not been able to verify a date yet with a school but we do have the Ludwig Fire Hall reserved for November 27th and 28th.  So as of now, our performance dates are over Thanksgiving week. 

This date may change if one of the schools offers us a contract to use their facility.  These are the tentative dates:

  • November 27th and 28th
  • December 4th and 5th
  • December 11th and 12th
  • December 18th and 19th