Online Bring a Friend Week: April 6-11

Starting on Monday, April 6th you may invite a friend to dance with you in your online class.  We are excited to offer the CVDA students and families the opportunity to invite their friends to dance with them this week. This will be a fun way to engage in an activity with those friends you have not been able to hang with.

If you have a friend who would like to join you in class, have them choose one of the links below and register for Bring A Friend Week and which classes they will attend.  Once registered, the friend should look for a link that will be sent by the CVDA student they are dancing with, 10 minutes before the class.  To make dancing together even more fun, arrange to dress like a twin so everyone will know who is your friend.

Register for Bring a Friend Week

Interested in more dance classes? Join us for our newly added Online Classes Open to All! Jazz, Pre-Dance, Tap, Yoga and Hip Hop are open and accepting new students.

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