Calling all alumni! Join the CVDA Alumni Facebook Group

Chester Valley Dance Academy has been home to thousands of dancers over the last 35 years and will continue to welcome new dancers for many more. We are proud to announce our brand new CVDA Alumni Facebook Group that allows alumni to connect and share their favorite CVDA memories with each other. From the first plié to the final bow, CVDA has been a cornerstone in the lives of many, providing not just dance education, but a sense of belonging and lifelong friendships!

In the spirit of preserving and celebrating these cherished memories, we are excited to announce the launch of the CVDA Community Facebook Group. This online hub is dedicated to creating a virtual dance floor where alumni can connect, reminisce, and share their favorite CVDA moments.

Alumni, Share Your CVDA Journey

Alumni now have a platform to reflect on their time at CVDA and share stories that shaped their dance journey. From memorable performances to behind-the-scenes anecdotes, this group is a treasure trove of collective experiences with each story contributing to the vibrant history of CVDA. We find immense joy in hearing about our dancers' journeys beyond the studio, and it's a privilege to provide a platform for our alumni to showcase their unique narratives. 

As we eagerly anticipate and celebrate the diverse stories that will unfold, we are excited to feature our alumni and showcase the multifaceted impact CVDA has had on their lives in future website blog posts. Their tales serve as a source of inspiration for current dancers and a testament to the enduring legacy of Chester Valley Dance Academy.

Just a Reminder

For studio news and announcements, please continue to check our Website, Instagram, and Facebook Page. We will not be sharing day-to-day internal studio information with this Group.

How to Join

Click here to join the group, answer a quick membership question, and adhere to the group rules.