Summer Registration

2018 Summer Registration Form


Please mail in your completed registration form and appropriate payment to Chester Valley Dance Academy, LLC:  PO Box 445, Exton, PA, 19341


We would be happy to set up an appointment for you to see our facility and speak to us personally. For more information on our Academy and to have a brochure sent to you please contact us at 610-594-2771

Basic Class Information

Frequency of Instruction

Parents are urged to have students attend classes on a regular basis for proper development. Please understand that all children progress at different rates. Students may not always be placed with the same classmates from year to year. The instructors expect a slightly sick or injured student to come and watch each class.

Dropping/Adding Classes

The Chester Valley Dance Academy, LLC does not accept new students after the month of October. Also, currently enrolled students will only be permitted to change or add classes up until November 1st. When adding or dropping a class a “Change Form” must be filled out in the office.

Discontinuation of Classes

Should you feel it necessary to discontinue classes, you must notify our office in writing. You are financially responsible for tuition up to the time that a “Change Form” has been filled out in our office.

Absence Policy

All days missed (for whatever reason) must be made up in the current session; No refunds or credits for missed classes, including snow days. Sign up in the office for make up classes, and be sure to pick up a pass to be admitted before entering the make up class.

Make-Up Classes

If a student misses their regularly scheduled class, please call the studio at 610-594-2771 and inform the office of his/her absence. Please remember that credits and refunds are not given for missed classes and therefore it is suggested that you schedule a make-up class. (All make-up classes should be the same level as the student’s regular class or a level below.)


CVDA requires that if a student is recommended for two different levels of classes, and only chooses to take one class, they are required to take the lower level class.  More information on Class Levels.

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