Classroom Moms!

Thank you for volunteering to be a Classroom Mom!  Below is information that will help you with your duties during dress rehearsal and show days.

Dress Rehearsals

  • When classroom moms arrive at the dress rehearsal, register yourself and your child at the registration desk near the lobby, and then go to the assigned area to dress your child.
  • Watch for the other children in your group to arrive and mark them off on your “dress rehearsal list”.  Acquaint yourself with the guardian and find out who will be picking up each child at the end of the show on the performance day.  This will make the dismissal easier for you.
  • Once all of the children are checked-in & dressed in their costumes, make sure the costumes & headpieces all look alike.  (For example: The straps on their costumes should be crossed in the back and the headpiece bobby pinned on the right side of their head.  At least 10 bobby pins per headpiece!)
  • When all the children are dressed and ready, keep them seated with you in the dressing area until their class is called to go on  stage. At this time please collect all photography envelopes with enclosed money.  You will be in charge of giving the  envelopes to the photographer. Only you will be allowed in the photography area.  No parents are permitted backstage.
  • A stage crew member will lead you and your class to the hallway.  At this time, you will need to line the students up in the order shown on your “stage sheet”.
  • A crew member will then take the class to the wings on stage to wait for their turn.  At this time you should go back to the audience to watch their rehearsal. Enter by the designated “classroom mom” door.
  • As soon as their number is finished, meet your class in the hallway to receive notes from a stagehand. You must pass on those notes to each child and his or her parents.
  • After the students have received their notes, you will take them to the Photography room. You will wait until each child has had their individual and group shots taken.  Do not let any of the children leave before the others have finished. You will then take them back to their parents who are to be waiting in the Auditorium or in the upstairs hallway outside the photo room.

We ask that you stress to the other parents that they wait in the auditorium or the upstairs hallway for their children.  This will help the photographer and make it possible for him to do his difficult job without any distractions

Recital Day

Arrive 1 hour early to find your dressing room.  There will be a designated spot for your class. You will be given a free ticket, which will be in the form of a badge and Is Not Transferable!  Only those assigned as classroom moms will be permitted in the dressing room once the performance begins.

  • Wait for each child to arrive and have them place their costumes & accessories in an orderly fashion.  
  • There will be no intermission so have the children dress immediately.
  • Carefully check each child to make sure they have plenty of bobby pins in their headpiece.  Also, check the children to be sure they all look alike. Check to make sure they have the proper tights.
  • It will be your responsibility to keep the students occupied until their class is called to line up.  (Suggestions: play a hand game, watch the recital on the in-house monitor…)
  • Please be mindful of Phoenixville Area Middle School’s property.  Children should not be allowed to write on the boards or play with the instruments in the classroom.   
  • When your class is called, have the children line up in the order given on the “stage sheet”. The stagehand will escort them to the stage three numbers prior to their dance.
  • At this time you may go into the audience and watch your class perform.  Please enter the auditorium through the door designated for Classroom Moms!
  • After their dance is over, go to the backstage door to meet the performers and bring them back to the dressing room until they are called for finale.
  • The children may not go into the auditorium or lobby at any time during the performance. You will be responsible for the children for the ENTIRE SHOW.
  • Only one female guardian should come to get their children at the end of the performance.  Before taking their children have them sign their name on the roster sheet.  If you are uncertain or unfamiliar with the guardian ask them for ID.  This will ensure the safety of the child and relieve your responsibility.