Dance Class Procedures at CVDA Beginning March 13

Dear Parents and Students,

To air on the safe side and be proactive, I am implementing the following at CVDA.

Waiting Room/ Drop Off

Starting today Friday, March 13th we will be following the procedure that the preschools in the area are using to keep our families safe. At this time, we are asking that only the dancers enter the CVDA building.  Most of our parents already do this drop off procedure but we would like to extend it to all classes. Please feel free to park and remain in your car while your child is attending class. 5 minutes before the class is over, please pull your car around to the pick-up point in the back of the building.

Please see the below procedure:

  1. Drop-off is to be in front of the Building 10 minutes before class, with a maximum 5 minute window.
    Please come in front of the building and stay in your car to drop off your child. All Combo classes will have a staff member outside the front door to greet children.

  2.  Pick-up will be as follows: Staff will be assisting all Combo classes in the departure of the children.  (Please put an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper on your front dashboard with the name of your student).  This will ensure quick and easy pick-up.

  3. Pick up is a maximum of a 5-minute window before the normal end of the class.
    For fast pick-up, please stay in your car.

  4. Please make a line around the back of the building when you are picking up your child.  The dancer should meet your car by coming out the back door of the building. The front entrance is for drop off only.

  5. If there is a delay in picking up your child for any reason, please call ahead so we can have a staff member stay with your child until you arrive.

There have NOT been any confirmed cases of students or parents coming in contact with the coronavirus at CVDA.  However, after reviewing the latest news reports and seeing the location of the confirmed cases, I feel it would be advantageous for us to implement this new procedure.

Please look for further emails regarding classes.

Again, thank you for helping us to keep the students safe at CVDA.

Cathy Moran