From Local Stages to National Spotlight

CVDA Dancers showcased their passion for dance across the East Coast.

Over the weekend, the talented dancers of CVDA showcased their exceptional skills not only in performances but also through immersive learning experiences

This weekend, Lionville Middle School's rendition of the beloved musical "Annie" included a multitude of Chester Valley Dance Academy dancers, who not only shone as featured ensemble members but also took center stage as lead performers. A special round of applause goes to Rebecca Blevins, Jaanvi Harris, Sophia Moran, Paige Warfell, Lia De Ocampo, Dorian Raeisi Najafi, Tess Dunlap, Gracyn Parsons, Naisha Shah, and Gracie Slevinsky for their captivating and dazzling performances. The dedication of these dancers extended beyond perfecting dance moves, encompassing intensive rehearsals to polish their acting and singing skills. Behind the scenes, the creative synergy of CVDA seamstress Stephanie Farrelly, serving as the Costume Designer, and her husband Jim, the mastermind behind the impressive sets, added an extra layer of brilliance to the production. 

CVDA Dancers in Annie

CVDA takes pride in nurturing a passion for dance that extends into higher education and beyond. We actively encourage our dancers to engage with school dance programs, recognizing them as transformative experiences that contribute to personal and artistic growth. Notably, CVDA Dancers from The Notre Dame Academy de Namur (Abby Hall and Piper May) and Villa Maria Academy High School (Amelia Dedda, Katelyn Fedyk, Toula-Frances Tatum, and Monica Young)  seized the opportunity to participate in the Regional High School Dance Festival, the largest gathering of its kind in the United States. This extraordinary event, held at The Governor's School for the Arts in Norfolk, Virginia, featured over 300 dancers from the East Coast. 

Monica Young

From March 7 to March 10, 2024, these dedicated dancers immersed themselves in classes taught by esteemed collegiate dance program professors and took part in adjudicated performances. The festival also presented a unique platform for aspiring dancers to audition for summer programs and scholarships at esteemed collegiate institutions. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to CVDA Dancer and Villa Maria Academy student Monica Young, who earned a scholarship to Point Park University’s Summer Dance Program—a well-deserved recognition of her exceptional talent and dedication.

The festival's pinnacle moments unfold in spectacular performances featuring the participating high school dance programs. To secure a spot in these prestigious showcases, dances must undergo a rigorous review process and be accepted by the festival. The Academy of Notre Dame Dance Company, under the direction of Pam Devenney, not only met but exceeded expectations, presenting two stunning pieces, "Framed" and "Old Skin," choreographed by Pam Devenney and Alexa Meissner Chambers, respectively. Congratulations to the Academy of Notre Dame Dance Company for this remarkable achievement!

As we look forward to the future, we're delighted to announce that both Pam Devenney and Alexa Meissner Chambers will be lending their expertise as instructors at our annual  Summer Dance Intensive from August 12-16. Secure your spot in advance to train with these accomplished professionals and our impressive lineup of faculty. Let the journey of artistic exploration and growth continue at Chester Valley Dance Academy. Want to hone your musical theater skills? Join us for our Summer Musical Theater Program from July 15-19.

Looking for additional dance training? Check out the  Academy of Notre Dame's Summer Dance Intensive from June 17-21 to kick off your summer on a high note!