My CVDA Experience: Bella Moxi Dance Convention

Chester Valley Dance Academy is proud to offer students with not only quality dance training at the studio, but also the opportunity to travel and participate in conventions, competitions, and master classes.  The studio provides information on local conventions dancers can participate in on their own time as well as conventions the studio will participate with as a group.  Conventions are a great way for dancers to experience different styles of dance from industry professionals.  

This weekend, CVDA Dancers participated in the Bella Moxi Dance Convention in Philadelphia, PA. Dancers took classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical and Musical Theater and Contemporary.  Students also had the opportunity to participate in an audition for scholarships to additional conventions and training programs. Many of the Chester Valley dancers who participated were a part of the Performing Group and for many students, it was their first weekend long convention. Bella Moxi provided great classes for all level of dancers, faculty that were wonderfully attentive to students, and class sizes that allowed instructors to connect with each student.

Some of the dancers’ favorite classes included Commercial Jazz with Lindsay Lancaster. CVDA Dancer Ethan reflected on this class, “She had a lot of energy and we learned alot from her.  We learned very dynamic movement and how to combine both Jazz and Hip Hop techniques into one combination.” Many students, enjoyed taking Lyrical from Alex Little and enjoyed the flowing movement of the combination taught.  CVDA Dancer Natalie noted, “She gave us choreography and encouraged us to create our own story from the movement.  There were moments where we could add our own movement which was lot of fun and I really enjoyed Alex’s style of dancing.” Later in the weekend, some dancers participated in a Musical Theater class where they were challenged to sing as well as dance which they noted as very intimidating, but a strength to have if they want to pursue dance as a professional.

Throughout the weekend, dancers had the opportunity to audition for scholarships for various performing arts programs.  Dancer Ethan Zieff was awarded a scholarship to participate in a Bella Moxi National Convention and an IAMT Bootcamp Scholarship.  IAMT Bootcamp Scholarships were also awarded to CVDA Dancers, Natalie, Abigail, Eden, and Justine.  The IAMT program, Institute for American Musical Theater, offers finishing training for dancers who have completed high school or college hoping to break into a career in Musical Theater.  The summer boot camp allows students to refine their musical theater skills focusing on acting, singing, and dance.

Thank you to the Bella Moxi staff for providing a fantastic weekend of dance education to our students.  Each of our dancers walked away feeling inspired from the lessons they received from the various instructors.

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