My CVDA Experience: Dance Excellence

Chester Valley Dance Academy is proud to offer students with not only quality dance training at the studio, but also the opportunity to travel and participate in conventions, competitions, and master classes.  CVDA Dancer Madison shares her recent experience at Dance Excellence:

There is truly no good way to describe and explain the amazing Dance Excellence in just one word, one sentence, or even one paragraph. Dance Excellence was certainly and without a doubt in the world the best week of my life. The powerful amount of love and joy and above all inspiration I experienced throughout my week there was overwhelmingly incredible. I felt like I could be myself without being judged by others and dance the way my heart told me to, not my mind. I felt invincible and most importantly powerful for loving myself and learning who I am as a person.

I felt so much love and support from all of my amazing dance friends and especially Miss Kim and Miss Cathy. I met the most beautiful and sweetest people from all over the world, New Zealand, Philippines, Hawaii, Sri Lanka, Alaska, Australia, England, Ireland to name a few. And the master class teachers, the young Americans, the staff, and of course the directors of the organization were the most loving, supportive, and inspiring group of people I have ever met.

No matter where you went or who you talked to, you felt like family. That feeling of connection between everyone and the bonds created between the most beautiful people will forever be life-changing. Dance Excellence is unlike any dance festival or organization I have ever been to. The love for dance surrounds the entire atmosphere every minute, every hour, and every day you are there. I will never forget this amazing experience that I will forever be grateful for.

Thank you Chester Valley for this wonderful opportunity to grow as a dancer and experience this special event.

~ Madison Gaffney