My CVDA Experience: Senior Showcase

Chester Valley Dance Academy is proud to offer students with not only quality dance training at the studio, but also the opportunity to travel and participate in conventions, competitions, and master classes.  The studio produces an annual Senior Showcase that gives the graduating class an opportunity to showcase their talent and have the spotlight to celebrate their years with CVDA. Senior Nicole reflects on her time at CVDA.

As my time as a dancer at CVDA comes to an end, I began to reflect on my years at Chester Valley. In doing so, I realized that I could share a multitude of memories, yet I really wanted to use this time to say thank you.

Nicole dances “Cello” at the Senior Showcase choreographed by Pat Brown

First off, thank you to my parents and family for always supporting me throughout the years. Thank you to my peers for their shared passion of dance and the inspiration they bring to others. And most influentially, thank you to all the faculty for all their years of tremendous hard work, believing in each one of their students.

Considering I spent most of my free time since I was little at this studio, I am very glad I landed in Chester Valleyʼs hands. Iʼm sure that my fellow seniors feel very similar as many of us grew up at the studio. The technical foundation that Chester Valley dancers receive as a part of their dance education compares to no other in the area, and I have been so honored to participate in many of the copious performing opportunities given every year. However, what I love most about Chester Valley is the fact they emphasize and highlight a dancerʼs wellbeing and versatility. The etiquette we have learned in and out of the dance studio I am forever thankful for, and I will bring my knowledge with me as I go on to my next adventure.

In this process of learning technique and etiquette, I also found my very best friends. Through time of struggle and joy, they shared every moment with me, and I know Iʼll have these friends throughout my entire life. I am forever grateful for my Chester Valley family, and I will certainly keep them and their passion in my heart wherever I go. My journey through high school was not the easiest, but I glad to say that I achieved the goals I set out to reach. None of it would have been possible without the love and support I am so honored to have received from CVDA.

~ Nicole Dickson, Class of 2019