Stage Makeup How To

Make-up for all performers is a medium base makeup/foundation, rouge, bright red lipstick, brown eye shadow, black/brown mascara & false eyelashes.

FOUNDATION MAKEUP: Apply makeup to the face, blending it below chin line so that it does not appear to be a mask. BLUSH: Blush must be full pink, NOT purple or lavender because of the look of being bruised. It should be applied to the “apple” of the cheek. (If you grin, the fattest part of the cheek is the apple). Apply the blush with outward/upward strokes along the cheekbone. Also, the blush should highlight the cheek without looking like a stripe. (See diagram)

EYE SHADOW: Apply brown eye shadow in an arc and fill in so that the colors are vivid. As with all eye make-up colors, the lines should arch up and out from the eye, never down. *For additional eye definition–Use blush to fill in the area between the eyebrow and the eye shadow. Do not allow the brown and blush to mix.

LIPSTICK: Apply bright red lipstick to lips. Vaseline over the lipstick (and perhaps even on the teeth) will enable you to smile despite the “dry mouth” that performers often get due to nervousness. False Eyelashes: All girls should wear false eyelashes. There are many different sizes available for all ages. First have your child close her eyes then put a black line with eyeliner on top of your child’s eyelid very close but not touching her eyelashes. Then cut the lashes to fit your child’s eye and put a very little eyelash glue on the lashes (Tip: use a hair pin or safety pin to apply the glue to the eyelash). Place the lashes on the black line on your child’s eyelid. NOTE: Do not put the false lashes on your child’s real lashes. Believe it or not-this process is so much easier than putting mascara on a child who squints when you get close to her eyes.

MASCARA: If you use Black Mascara, Apply Generously! Mascara can also help to blend false eye lashes with a dancers real lashes for a more natural look.

BLACK EYELINER: Should be put on carefully over the eyelid and below it on the lower lash line.

JEWELRY OF ANY KIND IS NOT PERMITTED DURING THE RECITAL! If your child can’t take out their earrings, apply a skin colored Band-Aid to cover them for the rehearsal and the show.