Tap Dance Classes for All Ages

Kids, Teens, and Adults Welcome!

Swap your sneakers for dance shoes this fall, get your steps in, meet new people, and have fun! Chester Valley Dance Academy is proud to offer tap classes in all levels of experience to all ages. We have kids classes, teen classes, and adult tap classes open for enrollment this fall.

Individuals who take dance classes have the unique opportunity to enhance their body awareness and coordination as well as their agility, mobility, and flexibility. Tap dance, specifically, helps you stay light on your feet by practicing quick weight shifts and tones leg muscles. Did you know the legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant took tap classes? Tap dance helps loosen the ankles and work many small muscles that strengthens the lower body.

Tap dance makes a great cross training activity for children and teens in sports and an excellent activity for adults looking for a new fitness experience. Students who participate in their school musicals are encouraged to take tap dance to enhance their dance technique and theatricality. Many of our students who train in tap dance have had lead roles in their school's productions.

Dancing is always better with a friend, so grab a buddy and join us in one of our open classes! Call the office at 610-594-2771 for more information, and don't forget to ask about our free trial classes.

Ages 3-6

Our Combo classes feature a combination of ballet and tap dance for dancers ages 3-6.

Teens and Adults

Please call the office for level placement at 610-594-2771. New students welcome!