#CVDACompanyCollage Challenge

More challenges will be posted and open to all students at CVDA.  We would like to test this challenge with the company students first, before sending additional challenges to other students and classes. 

We invite all of our company students to participate in this fun activity to keep us all connected while we are away from our dance friends over the next few days. Each team’s senior student is the team Captain.  Each Captain will start the challenge for their team, choose the song, and create a team hashtag. They will be the first ones to create movement for the team dance, and then tag a teammate to continue the dance. Follow the directions below to continue the movement and post correctly. 

  1. If you get tagged, you must start your choreography with the same move that the last dancer ended with to ensure sequences flow together
  2. You can do as little as 1 count of 8, but please do not do more than 4 counts of 8
  3. Try to post your videos ASAP so other dancers can get a turn to contribute
  4. When you post, tag the next dancer, use your team hashtag as well as #CVDACompanyCollage and tag @chestervalleydance so all of the videos go to one place.  Miss Tanina will combine all of the videos when the challenge ends.
  5. Use the same song and try to start where the last dance ended.  The song will be selected by each team captain.
  6. Be creative! Dance somewhere unique! Have fun!

At the end of the challenge, each team will have created a special dance that all flows together. You do not have to tag your teammates in order of the list but Captains should keep track of who has not been tagged yet to help their teammates. 

If a student does not have an Instagram, please email chestervalleydance@gmail.com with who you would like to tag and your video will be made available to your teammates to reference.  In addition, if a student chooses not to participate, please email chestervalleydance@gmail.com

Please check your email to see what team you are assigned to. If you do not see your name on a team, please email chestervalleydance@gmail.com and you will be added to one.