Nickerson-Rossi Dance Rehearses “Blueprints”

17776820_10155258899686940_999324325_oNickerson-Rossi Dance has been rehearsing at CVDA for their upcoming performance, “Blueprints” that will debut June 2-4, at the Knauer Performing Arts Center in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  The contemporary/modern dance company will be performing “Remembering the Unremembered” as their opening performance as a resident dance company with West Chester’s UPTOWN! Entertainment Alliance.    The company describes “Remembering the Unremembered”:

“The elegant and sophisticated work is the backbone, heartbeat, and breath of Nickerson-Rossi Dance’s aesthetics. In addition to such elegance, you can also expect exciting, on the edge of your seat, power-driven, and technically proficient dance to compliment a complete program of concert dance.”

Michael Nickerson-Rossi is the creative director of the Palm Springs Dance Festival that Chester Valley company members recently performed in.  CVDA faculty member Chad Allen Oritz is the festival education director and a member of the Nickerson-Rossi Dance Company and will be performing in “Blueprints”.

Tickets available for purchase online.