Welcome Back!

Welcome back to dance!

Our first day of the 20-21 dance year is today! In preparation of the first two weeks of class, which are held virtually, we wanted to share some reminders.  All classes will be online this week and next as we start the year before our “hybrid” classes begin on September 21st.

Virtual Class Reminders

  • Check your emails for the links to classes.  This season, the links will remain the same week to week.  It is recommended you bookmark this link for quick access on your device.  Please check your class schedule in the parent portal for your class time and to determine which link to use.
  • Mute your device before entering the virtual room
  • Be sure that your first name is visible to the instructor
  • Your camera must be kept on to be counted as present in the class. If your camera is off for more than 10 minutes you will be removed from the class and you will be counted as absent
  • Virtual dance class dress code is the same as the in-studio dress code. Please dress appropriately for all of your classes.
  • Be sure your entire body can be seen on the camera and try to find a spot where they have enough room to move
  • Raise your hand if you have a question, refrain from using the comment area

COVID-19 Safety Measures for In-Studio Classes

Beginning September 21st

We continue to follow all safety and social distancing guidelines while trying to provide the best options for all students.  Due to the recommended safety restrictions set forth by the state and health officials, we plan to hold classes online with studio (in-person) opportunities available, as we have been doing over the summer.  Please sign up early to help guarantee your spot.  We will not be able to add students to a class for in-studio lessons once the enrollment maximum is reached.

Fall Classes will begin on September 8th and the first 2 weeks of classes will be held entirely online.  There will be no in-studio classes during the first 2 weeks, which will give us all additional time to assess and will allow us the opportunity to split the classes as needed.

Live Classes:  Starting the third week of our Fall session (September 21st), and contingent upon state and health guidelines, we plan to transition into live training with “split” classes in the studio and online.  During that week, Group A will come to the studio to take class and Group B will take class online.  The following week, Group B will come to the studio, Group A will be online, and we will continue to alternate each week.   Each student will be sent a schedule for these in-studio classes on Sunday Sept 20th.

We plan to split the classes alphabetically into two groups.  If you wish to take all of your classes online, please send me an email as this will affect the class distribution.

Students taking in-studio classes will be safely distanced and will need to follow safety procedures.  We have prepared our studio classrooms for this, and have successfully implemented these procedures during summer classes:

  • Floors have been marked to define the space for each student to dance and stay distant from classmates.
  • Temperature scanners, sanitizing supplies and cleaning equipment is in place in each room for students and staff.
  • Rooms are cleaned and surfaces are disinfected between each class.
  • We have installed large television monitors in each room for the teachers to easily see and simultaneously interact with classroom and online students.
  • In-studio students will be dropped-off and picked at the side door for their respective studio, eliminating interaction with other classes and common areas.  The students will go directly into their classroom for instruction and will be picked up at the same door.

We will monitor the health guidelines and state restrictions for businesses and social distancing and will quickly communicate any changes in studio policies and procedures to all of you.

Several areas of our country have recently seen an increase (“Spike”) in cases of the Covid-19 virus.  We need your cooperation to do our part and make sure a spike does not happen here.  As per the PA Department of Health recommendation, if YOU, YOUR CHILD, OR CLOSE FAMILY MEMBERS HAVE TRAVELED TO AN AREA WHERE THERE HAS BEEN A HIGH AMOUNT OF COVID-19 CASES, IT IS RECOMMENDED YOU STAY AT HOME FOR 14 DAYS UPON RETURN TO PENNSYLVANIA. A list of currently affected areas can be found at this link: https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Pages/Travelers.aspx .

 If you have been to one of those locations in the 2 weeks before a scheduled live dance class, or if you feel you may have been exposed in another crowded situation, please do not come to the CVDA studio.  Those who cannot come to the studio can always continue to take class online until the quarantine period is over.

CVDA would like to once again thank all of you for your understanding, support and continued patronage.