My CVDA Experience: Thank You

Chester Valley Dance Academy is proud to offer students with not only quality dance training at the studio, but also the opportunity to travel and participate in conventions, competitions, and master classes. The studio produces an annual Senior Showcase that gives the graduating class an opportunity to showcase their talent and have the spotlight to celebrate their years with CVDA. At this year's Senior Showcase, we celebrated the Class of 2020 and all of their accomplishments. The dances were beautiful and the messages shared through Senior Speeches were so heartfelt. This year, the audience was limited and those who would normally have attended the showcase missed out due to Covid-19 limitations.  We are proud to share with our studio community the Speeches our Seniors gave at the show, reminiscing on their time at the studio, and inspiring the underclassmen to savor every minute of their time at Chester Valley.

Senior Speech - Angelina & Katelyn

"We’re really glad to be able to share another CVDA experience together. From being Clara and Angel Princesses, to our final Nutcracker role as Grand Pas, and now, to our last performance, we’ve both been there for some of the funniest, and most sentimental moments and memories.  Our moms also had their very own fair share of Clara moments and memories, which just goes to show that Chester Valley does a tremendous job bringing families together through experiences and bonds that last a lifetime. So many of the other moments and memories happened every day in class with Miss Kim, who so gracefully and patiently dealt with all of our craziest shenanigans, like the time when we brought friends from school to class to practice partnering with.  As we move on to college, we’ll take away so much of what we’ve learned here, not only about dance, but also about how we should approach living life. 

We’ve both realized that it is so important to remind the special people who have been there for you of how grateful you are. We don’t say it often enough so thank you. To our teachers, not only did you introduce us beautifully into the world of dance, you also remind us why to dance. Thank you for being a source of inspiration to us all, and for pushing us to be better dancers and better individuals. Mrs. Mange, Ms. Theda, Ms. Tanina, and all the other members of CVDA staff, thank you for helping us grow and for being there for us from every class to every performance. To our friends, you truly are our second family. You’ve brought us laughter, encouragement, fun, and so much more. As you begin a new season of dance, especially the rising seniors, we know that you’ll continue to lead this community with love and strength especially during these trying times. 

This spring, we found ourselves missing a lot of the little things again, the kinds of things that you have to be in the studio for. But you all found a way to bring all of those little things to us like our Senior Zoom surprise, the video from our company family coordinated by the juniors, and of course, finding a way to make the Senior Showcase happen.  We couldn’t be more grateful to have shared such a significant commitment and part of our life with people like you, who have shown that you truly care about us and each other. You will always be with us."

~ Angelina Scavitto
Drexel University, Business




~ Katelyn Farish
University of Scranton, Biology

Angelina Dances "Winterfell" at the 2020 Senior Showcase

Katelyn Dances "Grow as we Go" at the 2020 Senior Showcase